The name "Cape Horn" 

For all members of the cape horn singers, so that they know, carries what exclusive name its choir, in addition, for all fans and friends of the maritime music the following explanation is meant.
It is sufficiently well-known thereby around a sturmumtobte rock nose, which acts feared “cape of the storms” between Atlantic and Pacific at the end of the world.
But this epitome of all Schrecknisse for the driving people on the Windjammern was discovered in the year 1616 by two dutchmen from HOORN and after their place of residence designated, knows surely only few inaugurating.
Cape horn was Prüfstein for the legendary sailors from all world, which defeated the cape of the storms only under sails. In the memory of 10.000 sailors drowned,
who lie with their ships before cape horn due to, the 1936 created world-wide brother shank of the “Cap Horniers” has on the Isla Hornos, before the cape horns lies, set up a seven meter of high steel Rome bus with the silhouette of a floating Albatrosses.
The inscription on the Monument reads: “I am the Albatros, which waits at the end of the world for you.
I am the forgotten soul of the dead sailors, the cape horn headed for from all seas of the earth. But they are not died in raving the waves. Because today fly it on my wings to the eternity.” The world-wide combination of the Cap Horniers dissolved in May 2003, since the average age of the members was at 89 years. “We live captain Heiner Sumfleth on borrowed time and want in would go apart”, said to it the president, the Grand leading seaman (grossmast).
They will remain last - the cape of the storms, the myth of the men, who defeated it, or because of it failed and its coat of arms animal, the Albatros.


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